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Audio IC Market to gain benefit from expansion of luxurious automotive industry globally

A chip known as an integrated audio circuit (IC) can function as a MEMS microphone, audio
processor, audio amplifier, and other subsystems. There are many different integrated audio circuits
(ICs) configurations, including audio DSPs, audio converters, audio amplifiers, and audio processors.
Automotive audio, smart homes, professional audio, and smart and portable gadgets are a few of
the uses for integrated audio circuits.

One of the primary factors driving growth of the audio integrated circuit market is the rise in
demand for smart home devices, the professional audio sector, and the necessity for tiny and
energy-efficient audio ICs.

Around the world, the electronics industry is now being affected by strict environmental and energy
efficiency requirements. This has led to several breakthroughs, including the convergence and
shrinking of almost all daily-use electronic equipment. Input/output ports and various other parts of
the assembly that are essential to the operation of the finished product must all be considered when
miniaturizing a device. Owing to all these factors, according to the Market Research Future (MRFR),
the Global Audio IC Market is estimated to expand by exhibiting a CAGR of 7.30% and reach USD 52
Billion by the end of the forecast period from 2021 to 2030.

The requirement for integrated power in application-specific CPUs and subsystems has grown as
computer components’ size and weight have shrunk. Miniaturization has made it feasible to include
integrated audio circuits into a number of industrial applications due to the rapid improvements in
connected devices and Internet of Things technology.

The market for integrated audio circuits is expanding due to rising consumer electronics usage and
the creation of new, more user-friendly, energy-efficient audio equipment. The market is also
gaining from increased wireless and smart infrastructure adoption and rising demand for high-
definition audio at commercial events. The global audio IC market is, however, severely constrained
by the rising demand for audio SoCs as well as technological issues and issues related to the
integration of audio devices. In addition, it is anticipated that, throughout the forecast period,
technical issues and challenges associated with the integration of audio devices and an increase in
demand for audio SOCs will all occur. The audio integrated circuit industry is expected to profit from
the trend as onboard media display screen demand rises and VR technology develops.

Rising Adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) to aid Audio IC Market
The strict government rules and regulations related to the environment and energy efficiency have
affected the electronics sector globally, resulting in a flurry of new inventions, including the
shrinking and convergence of ordinary electronic gadgets. It is possible to reduce the size of gadgets
by taking into account all input/output ports and the numerous manufacturing components
essential to the finished product. Due to downsizing, the demand for integrated power in software
processors and subsystems has significantly increased in recent years.

Audio integrated circuits have been used in a number of industrial applications thanks to the rapid
developments in connected devices and Internet of Things technology.

Due to technical developments and rising demand for consumer electronics items like smartphones,
laptops, and other electronic devices, North America dominated the market for integrated audio
circuits. Due to the growing usage of integrated audio circuits in the automotive and electronic
goods industries, the United States holds the largest share of the North American audio integrated

circuit market. The existence of several manufacturers of integrated audio circuits (ICs), including
Texas Instruments and Analog Devices, also significantly contributes to the market’s growth.
During the projected period, it is also predicted that several US-based companies’ growing
investments in Mexico’s automotive industry would increase demand for integrated audio circuits.
The existence of several multinational electronic component manufacturers and semiconductor
manufacturing companies in the industry determines the demand for the global audio IC market.
Current and emerging businesses compete fiercely for market share on both the domestic and global
levels. Integrated circuits (ICs) quality, performance, and reliability are a few factors that enable
providers to succeed in a highly competitive market.

During the forecast period, it is projected that the usage of integrated audio circuits (ICs) across a
number of industries, including car electronics, consumer electronics, data, and communication, will
propel the growth of the digital audio IC market. For instance, in November 2020, a cooperation with
CEVA, the top supplier of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies worldwide, will start.
To support its next automotive System-on-Chip (SoC), Renesas licensed a new, high-performance
CEVA DSP. Modern DSPs, a suitable software framework, and strict security support are crucial in
deploying these intricate systems.


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