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Jab ladki log ko akal aati hai nan, sab unhe pagglait hi kehte hain.

Dear Sandhya, how are you??

I enjoyed watching you on screen, you were unfiltered, honest and smart. At first, I thought you are in the deep grief of your husband’s demise that’s why you behave strangely, but after seeing your journey I realized that you both were never in love, even the loss of your cat was more painful to you than your husband.

In-between all the chaos going around you, when you learned about your husband’s love, you felt cheated. You wanted to confront him but it’s to late now. I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for you to know about your husband’s hobbies, likes and dislikes from his girlfriend. 

You could have settled down with your husband’s life insurance money because you were the only nominee. And, had fully depended on him financially. But, you took the hard road you gather all your courage and decided to prove your self-worth and leave that cheque for your in-laws.

When you said “agar hum apne faisle khud nahi lengi na, to dusre le lenge” that line hit me hard. In India girls still can’t make their own decisions whether it’s sandhya or akansha. 

I wish your new journey would become so crazy and inspiring, kyuki “jab ladki log ko akal ati hai na to log unhe pagglait hi kahte hai” !!!

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