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Safety Measures Necessary for a Woman when Travelling Solo

Yes, solo travel is fun! Specifically, when you are a woman. Breaking those age-old stereotypes and giving yourself a fun element is always good. However, there are safety measures that we highly recommend taking when you are travelling solo.

No, these safety measures won’t subside your fun element by any means, but just you keep away from all sorts of dangers. This blog further lists and explains the important safety measures you can’t miss out on if you are a woman and travelling solo. Keep reading!

Top Safety Measures for Woman Solo Travelers

  1. Research Well Before You Travel: This is the first and the most important safety measure that you can’t miss out on by any means. Ensure that you know every insight of the place before you visit it. This online world has really made it easy for you to know every ins and outs of everything. So, why not use it effectively?

    Research things like the crime rate, the political scenario, scams, etc. and ensure that you stay alert whenever and wherever required. The more effective your research, the easier the tour will be for you.
  2. Keep Your Closed Ones Informed: Make sure that your closed ones exactly know the place that you are visiting. It would not only give them peace of mind but also ensure that they exactly know the place they need to inquire if anything unfortunate happens.

    Even when you travel, make sure that your close ones know the things like your whereabouts, your next day’s travel schedule, etc.
  3. Use Social Media Smartly: We understand that you are eager to post pictures of those beautiful mountains, or your selfies on that beach. But, please do wait until you leave that place. Avoid going live from a certain location. Remember, social media is a wonderful place to share your happy moments, but you aren’t aware of the intentions of everyone.

    Hence, be a bit patient, and ensure that you post your pictures or videos or only after you leave a particular place. You never know if someone is keeping a track of you. Hence, use social media smartly and a bit patiently.
  4. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help: When you are travelling solo, it’s obvious thing that you will require some help from strangers. Be it navigation, language confusion, or anything, you might require help from the locals. And, when you do, ensure that you don’t hesitate to ask for the same.

    The more you hesitate to ask for help, the more difficult your journey will be. After all, Google simply can’t answer everything, and that’s a fact. Hence, the next and very effective safety measure or say tip to make your solo travel smooth, don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  5. Walk Confidently: Your body language when you travel will tell a lot about you. You expose yourself to several threats if you don’t walk and behave confidently when you are travelling.

    When you walk confidently, you keep threats away from you. You don’t make yourself look weak, hence scaring the creeps or say threats to the next level. Hence, ensure that you don’t allow confidence to fade away at all. Remember, you are travelling solo, which is a wonderful thing, and which clearly implies that you are strong. Don’t hesitate to show the same to the world.
  6. Stay Limited with Your Drinks: Of course, you are there to enjoy, but we recommend that you stay a bit limited with your drinks. Remember, you can enjoy every moment of your solo travel with limited/no drinks too.

    Whenever you are visiting the club, ensure that you share your live location with your family members or friends.
  7. Avoid Carrying Jewelry or Expensive Accessories: We understand that you love your jewelry and expensive accessories. But, avoid carrying them on your travel, if you don’t require them. Carrying them not only gives threats an invitation, but also you won’t be able to enjoy your travel to the fullest as you will always be occupied with worrying about them.

    Hence, it’s better to leave them at home and give yourself a free mind to enjoy your solo travel, perhaps, a very beautiful timeframe of your life.

We hope that you are now clear with some of the most important safety measures that are crucial for a woman when travelling solo. Keeping these measures in your mind and nailing them won’t only keep you safe, but also help you to enjoy your journey to the fullest. Hence, ensure that you don’t miss out on them at all.


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