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5 Top Indian Real Estate Blogs & Websites in 2022

Real estate trends keep on changing, specifically in India. Hence, if you are a person who is into real estate, following real estate blogs and websites is a must to ensure that you stay updated with each of these trends.

However, knowing the right blogs and websites is a must to ensure that you stay updated with these trends and hence don’t make a mess while trading with respect to real estate.

This blog further lists and explains some of the most popular and reliable blogs and websites on which you can rely to get insights into real estate trends. Keep reading!

Best Indian Real Estate Blogs & Websites

Checkout some of the best Indian real estate blogs & websites that might help you out with regards to knowing the real estate trends below.

  1. Magicbricks.com: This is one of the most popular real estate websites that can make property trading easy for you. Be it any sort of property trading, you can count on Magicbricks.com to cater to each of your requirements with the utmost efficiency.

    Magicbricks.com is a brand now. With the immense popularity that this real estate website is enjoying, and the features and services that it comes alongside, it is completely justified. Hence, the first real estate website on which you can count on to get every insight into real estate; Magicbricks.com.
  2. Housing.com: It is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the real estate space. Housing.com has been a popular real estate platform that has been helping people in terms of finding property and getting real estate insights for a while now.

    If you are someone who simply cannot afford to miss out on the latest real estate updates, Housing.com is your ideal answer.
  3. Reality Fact: If you are someone who is interested in global real estate, Reality Fact is your ideal choice to go with. The real estate trends keep on changing every day when the global aspect is taken into consideration. And, Reality Fact keeps you updated with the same.

    Most big players in the real estate industry love Reality Fact, and with the features that it comes alongside, the popularity of this forum is completely justified.
  4. 99 Acres: 99 Acres is another popular and trusted real estate portal that has been helping real estate agents and brokers considerably.

    This portal works as a communication bridge between the property buyers and sellers, hence subsiding the complexity of the field to a considerable extent. What more? It is entirely a user-friendly portal. You just need to visit it, and you will automatically understand its features and usage of the same. Hence, you aren’t required to be tech-savvy to use 99 Acres by any means.
  5. Commonfloor: More than 200 cities in India! Yes, this amazing real estate website is present in more than 200 cities of India, and it completely validates the success and popularity this portal is enjoying for a while now.

    Being there for more than 15 years, Commonfloor now is one of the largest real estate portals where thousands of projects are registered. With the real estate world expected to touch new heights soon, the popularity and use of Commonfloor are expected to increase too.

We hope that you are now clear with some of the best real estate blogs and websites for this year. If you are a person who is into this field, following these blogs and websites will make things easy for you to a considerable extent. So, what’s the real estate blog and website that you are following? Or do you have any doubts regarding the same? If yes, do comment them below. We will be quick to answer them.


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